How to build a website in 7 minutes


Setting up your Linux Host


  • Buy a domain from a credible site: Bluehost, Namecheap, etc. (In this case I am using GoDaddy)


  • Sign up for Digital Oceans


  • Log into your account and let’s begin creating a DropLet

  • Go to Marketplace – select Word Press on Ubuntu 20.04


  • Choose the desired plan, in this case, we are using the $5 plan for our website

  • Select your desired location, this time we are hosting it in the new york data center

  • Create a password for your box, and remember to set a name for your host. Click on ‘Create Droplet‘. The process will take about 2 minutes

  • Once your website is ready, it will look like this. There you will see your Website IP, we will click on console to log into our Linux box with the password we created above.


You will be presented with a console, all you have to do is login with the password you created previously, this is what you will see after.


  • Go and click on your¬†Website IP
  • Go through the WordPress Install process, fill out the form and click log in.
  • Your Website is all set, it will take between 5-30mins to replicate across the internet so sit and relax.


Let’s link up your Domain and set up your DNS as a final step


  • Let’s click on DropLets – Locate the 3 dots to the right and click ‘Add Domain’
  • Enter your domain name, select your Linux box to assign it and click¬†Add Domain

  • Go to your domain host site (in my case GoDaddy) and replace the following DNS servers with these below:
  • Click save and you should be able to launch your site utilizing your domain name.
  • DONE








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